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We are bridging the gap between dynamic global standards and real-world application.

Our Vision

At London Reporting Academy, we are committed to advancing the ESG reporting and disclosure landscape by effectively aligning the evolving requirements of regulators and standard setters with the practical skills needs of the global corporate sector.

We shape and support a qualification framework for the ESG reporting profession, combining legal requirements, standard-setting methodologies, and best corporate disclosure practices into our content and structure of the educational programmes and courses offered. Additionally, we deliver tailored, accessible, and widely recognised educational programs designed to fill the real-world demands of ESG professionals.

Our Contribution

London Reporting Academy - Our Contribution
Our Contribution to ESG Reporting
We shape and support a qualification framework for the ESG reporting profession, combining legal requirements, standard-setting methodologies, and best corporate practices into our curriculum. Additionally, we offer tailored, accessible, and widely recognised courses designed to fill the real-world demands of ESG professionals.

How We Do It

Stay Updated:
We keep our finger on the pulse of regulatory changes and standard developments to ensure our programmes are always ahead of the curve.
Stay Ground Level:
Our courses are developed in collaboration with industry leaders to ensure they are grounded in real-world practices and innovations.
Deliver Excellence:
From dynamic courses to interactive workshops, we deliver training that meets the evolving complex needs of today's businesses.
Foster Cooperation:
We build lasting partnerships with key stakeholders across industries to enrich our educational offerings.
London Reporting Academy - Erica Eller

Erica Eller

ESG Reporting Specialist

"The course initially appealed to me for the chance to learn both theoretical and practical perspectives related to ESG and sustainability reporting. Through plentiful case studies, exercises and mentorship sessions, it was an excellent crash course in the quickly evolving reporting sphere. In addition to enhancing my knowledge on a wide range of sustainability frameworks and standards, I also studied the EU CSRD reporting requirements and learned about sustainability reporting processes and techniques. The course covers benchmarking, ESG roadmap planning, ESG data collection, evaluation and control strategies, and approaches to report writing and design. 

I now have a much stronger understanding of the wide range of reporting approaches and formats, insights into how ESG regulations are affecting reporting processes, and clarity on how reporting fits into the broader context of a sustainability strategy. 

If anyone is looking for a professional development course in sustainability reporting that includes helpful and flexible practical skills training, I definitely recommend this certificate program!"

Why London Reporting Academy?

Why London Reporting Academy?
Innovative, dynamic and agile:
We focus on customer objectives and outcomes, and not on processes.
Flexible and Tailored:
Courses designed to fit your schedule and meet your specific professional needs.
Practical, Comprehensive Training:
Learn from real-world scenarios and case studies.
Recognised and Valued:
Our certifications are recognised globally by employers across industries.

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Commitment to Excellence

At London Reporting Academy (LRA), we are committed to empowering individuals and organisations with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to excel in the field of ESG reporting.

London Reporting Academy - Commitment to Excellence
London Reporting Academy - Accessibility

Innovation and Accessibility

Through flexible learning formats, innovative platforms, and a focus on practical challenges and solutions, we strive to enhance the quality, credibility, and user-friendliness of ESG reporting worldwide.

Global Collaboration and Alignment

By connecting professionals across the globe and offering tailored programmes that align with real-world requirements, we aim to foster a community that shapes the current ESG and sustainability agenda.

London Reporting Academy - Global Collaboration
London Reporting Academy - Transformation

Transformation and Impact

Our mission is to provide a transformative learning experience that prepares our graduates to make a positive impact in the corporate world, effectively addressing the complexities of sustainable practices, ESG integration, and reporting.

Our Founder and Lead Mentor

London Reporting Academy - Our Founder and Lead Mentor
London Reporting Academy - Our Founder and Lead Mentor

Dr. Ross Kurinko is a highly regarded professional in the fields of sustainability, ESG, and strategic consulting, as well as integrated ESG communications and corporate reporting. With over 15 years of extensive managerial experience, he has notably established an ESG function from the ground up within one of Europe's largest railway and transport companies, alongside various other substantial projects.

Ross is a frequent speaker, consultant, and trainer on ESG/Sustainability reporting, strategy, and management. He is an official tutor of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a qualified CSR consultant on the EBRD Business Advisory Services Programme, and a certified graduate of the UN PRI Academy. Additionally, he is the author of several books and articles for US and European academia and media, with contributions to institutions such as Harvard University, the University of Hertfordshire, the American Psychological Association, and others.

Today, Ross has more than 15 years of successful experience as a sustainability practitioner. Among his clients and partners are a number of major companies and organisations, such as: